Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NYC + LA Contributions

"Red Cross volunteer: Handled registration for Nassau County, NY Disaster Relief Walk-a-Thon."

7 languages, 2 coasters, multiple pieces of scrap paper, a few napkins and a race bib have all made it onto my wall. Over the past two months, I've shared my project with fellow travelers, waiters and taxi cab drivers and have collected some incredible stories. Below is a Random Act of Kindness Highlight from a Peace Corps teacher stationed in Thailand:

"A few months ago, I just so happened to be on Soi Cowboy, don't ask why, when from my right I noticed a little girl with big brown eyes looking up at me holding a bouquet of roses. She was selling the flowers to white guys so they could give them to the girl they just picked up. Since I was a good boy and didn't have a Thai lady by my side, I had no reason to buy a flower, but because I'm a teacher in Thailand and I knew that day was "students day" nationwide so I bought her and two more of her wide-eyed friends boxes of orange juice. Even though orange juice has a lot of sugar, I figured it's better than pop."

What have you done this past year to make a positive difference in a person's life? Did you make meals for your local homeless shelter? Did you call your grandmother just to say hello? Did you save a life?

I want to hear your "Random Acts of Kindness" and I want the world to see. I am asking friends, family, colleagues, clients, friends of friends, travelers, baristas, students...absolutely anybody, to write down (or email) a positive action that they've partaken in this past year. Each week, I will tape the slips of paper* to my wall and photograph the collection for this blog.

Something so small can go a long way. This project is to remind and encourage you to incorporate more positive actions into your daily routine. Let's make it happen, together.

Spit out your words to me and follow the growth of "Random Acts of Kindess: Revisited."

*or objects, or anything recycled